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Hussechuck ST


From 195 €

We set a new standard with this shape. Our basic product is called ST as standard. It is an admitted technical article including its color, specified by the norm, and has no cover. It enables one-handed grip. This advantage remains preserved in all other versions.


  • Outer diameter: 620 mm
  • Width: 76 mm
  • Weight: 10,7 kg
  • Extinguishing capability: 34A 233B C
  • Activity time: 15 seconds
  • Content weight: 4 kg


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The standard requires every fire extinguisher in this category to be equipped with a hose, and so even our HUSSECHUCK is able to put out fires the traditional way – by pulling out the nozzle from where the extinguishing powder is dispensed and aim the hose at fire.

Detailed description

Aside from its toroidal tank, HUSSECHUCK ST is equipped with a black plastic component. It is not merely a design quirk, but a new ergonomic handle – it not only makes the HUSSECHUCK hangeable, but primarily allows its user to extinguish fires with only one hand.

Sometimes we call it ‘nude’, because it does not hide anything. Although it can not provide the same level of protection as other versions, the HUSSECHUK ST is light and its elegant hoop, slim proportion and unique shape, similar to the letter ‘Q’, attract attention. It is a breakthrough in the field of design.