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From 395 €

The excellent HUSSECHUCK EX brings with it a significant shift – it also serves as a shield. It is equipped with a cover that, in accordance with the norm, can but does not have to be red – which is an option we fully take advantage of. The cover can be as versatile as you want it – ranging from distinctive patterns and surfaces to artistic renditions, the possibilities are endless.


  • Outer diameter: 630 mm
  • Width: 80 mm
  • Weight: 11,2 kg
  • Extinguishing capability: 34A 233B C
  • Activity time: 15 seconds
  • Content weight: 4 kg


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The shield is not just a cover to conceal something unsightly. It is a funtional part of a fire extinguisher by Amplla and it is able to efficiently protect the user from the heat. The HUSSECHUCK can, from its EX version up, equipped with an exclusive optional gear, which mainly includes a respiratory gas mask, which is immediately at hand after opening the device.

Detailed description

The version called HUSSECHUCK EX could be compared to a fractal design – the bigger circle is copied in the shape of a small ring – the nozzle, which is capable of forcing the extinguishing powder out under the pressure of 15 bar.

This perfect detail of a turned nozzle especially stands out on the rough texture of red fabric, which in this rendition has a woven logo of the Amplla company – a rooster. With the exception of this small ring, it is possible to tailor the surface to your wants with any motif, logo, text, graphic design, texture, material shape colour or even artistic rendition.