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About us

Amplla a.s. is a manufactory from the Czech Republic. It is led by a young and very creative team of architects, designers and technicians. We have an ambition to protect lives and beauty alike and bring another beautiful product wherever it is needed.


Amplla creative team

A beautiful fire extinguisher? Although it sounds contradictory, beauty and function in this product coexist in harmony. For decades architects, designers and residents of all interiors hid the industrial fire extinguishers because they aren’t beautiful. Their mandatory glaring colour is what ultimately causes them to be hidden away and unavailable in times of need.Who amongst us has their fire extinguisher hung up in an aesthetically balanced kitchen or near the fireplace? Probably no one. We do it in opposition to standards, norms and common sense. Everything we consider beautiful could be lost in the blink of an eye – or worse, everything that is dearest to us. But what if we could consider things that protect us beautiful as well?

Thanks to its beauty, the Amplla fire extinguisher remains in sight and visible, always within reach. In this case, beauty is also a safety measure. Humankind has already discovered beauty in countless functional things, and in many cases became enamored with many of them. We know how beautiful clothes, shoes, cars, watches or even working spaces can be, but for two hundred years, the fire extinguisher has eluded the need for beauty. Since 2019 we, at Amplla, have been working on developing and designing a fire extinguisher that will remain distinct from most items we have at home, but at the same time be able to fit into any interior. We have surpassed the industrial design and set a new standard.

We named it HUSSECHUCK (pronunciation refers to the Czech word „fire extinguisher“). We have created many styles, and all of them are shaped by individual preferences, but the fire extinguisher is ultimately never the center of attention – the most important thing is safety itself. We aim high – to ensure safety through beauty. We hope it will be achieved by the iconic and detailed design of this work of art, and at same time we humble ourselves before the danger the fire extinguisher protects us from. To keep the fire extinguisher distinguishable, we made it circular. And except for perhaps clocks, there are not many common interior items of the same shape. The archetype of a circle is derived from a hoplon – a circular greek shield, which can be found in many other cultures and symbolizes protection. It is unmistakable and even today continues to guard from ugliness and fire. Whether you want the fire extinguisher to blend in or dominate your interior, you will find a version that suits you best in tens of original surfaces, artistic motifs, colors, materials and details. It can look unobtrusive on a painted wall, or coated with non-flammable fabric that enhances the acoustics of the room. Made of kevlar or gold plated with 24 carat gold. You can choose to equip it with a logo, company motif or any other element to make it a unique and distinctive work of art. But it always remains in reach!


A superhero is always a guardian, and thanks to our innovations, truly anybody can become such a guardian. We care about your protection. And only you know best what the valuables worth protecting are. We sincerely hope you will never have to, but just in case protecting them will be required, you will be ready. Thanks to HUSSECHUCK’s beauty you will always find it, thanks to its intuitive controls you will always easily grasp it, take off a wall and use when necessary. The shield will protect you from heat, the powder will suppress or extinguish the fire and you will still have one hand left to hold something else. The shield above head protects from falling objects and melting plastic as dangerous as napalm and guards humans from bird’s eye view, who are approximately 63 cm in diameter.